Oil & Gas Drilling Services

At present, Bin Hamood and affiliates own more than 60 rigs. Our fleet which is one of the largest in the Middle East is capable to drill any type of drilling oil and gas wells in various formations including exploratory, development and workover wells.

Through continuous development, the company is able to drill wells of various types and categories within 10,000m depth and offer directional and horizontal well services to the clients; has proven cement slurry systems and cementing technologies to deal with various complicated downhole conditions; is able to offer technical services in relation to underbalanced drilling, die-mark-free casing and tubing running, air tightness testing, etc.; is able to perform the testing of drilling and well control equipment , manufacture petroleum machinery and provide equipment maintenance/repair services.


  • Equipment Capacity

Bin Hamood and affiliates own more than 60 rigs including 2000 HP, 1500 HP, 1000 HP and offshore rigs.